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Gary Arthur has been studying the traditional martial arts of Japan for over thirty nine years. Starting in 1985 at just twenty one years of age when he attended his first martial arts seminar, he has since then trained all over Europe, America and Japan being taught by both Western and Japanese masters.

During that time he has gained a number of black belts in four different organisations up to the rank of fourth degree black belt (Eight black belts in total) and now runs the Warrior Quest Martial Arts School in the very centre of Northampton, UK.

A father of two grown up children he has a degree in archaeology from Leicester University. He has worked as a police officer, close protection officer (Bodyguard), Security officer and school teacher.

Warrior Quest

Gary now works as a self employed trainer delivering courses in security, Police Skills, Conflict Management, Physical Intervention, Spectator Safety and during this time has delivered courses for The British Army, Transport for London, Tesco's, the NHS,  DWP, a number of Premier League football clubs, Rugby Clubs, Racecourses and motor sport venues, and was also fortunate to deliver the security training to hundreds of managers for the Commonwealth Games here in the UK. 

Receiving a police commendation in 2000 for arresting a violent criminal where Gary had to use his martial arts skills to restrain the suspect, he has since then attained many qualifications in both teaching and in regard to dealing with conflict (See below)

Gary now devotes his time to passing on the 1000 year old legacy of both the Samurai and Ninja warriors to a new generation o students and teachers.

Gary holds the following qualifications and grades

4th degree black belt in Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu

2nd degree black belt in Shinobi Kai Ninpo Bugei

1st degree Black Belt in Genbukan Ninpo

1st degree black belt in To-Shin Do (Modern Combat Method)

City and Guilds Level 3 Trainer in Life Long Learning Award

NCFE Level 3 Qualification Assessors Award

City And Guilds Level 3 Conflict Management Trainers Award

City And Guilds Level 3 Physical Intervention Trainers Award

City And Guilds Level 3 Prevention of Management and Aggression Trainers Award

NCFE Chapter 8 Award

Home Office Trained in Control and Restraint

First Aid Qualified

Full enhanced DBS

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