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Both the Samurai and Ninja were very spiritual people, in fact many followed the religion of Buddhism and indeed many of their techniques are named after Buddhist concepts. Here at the Warrior Quest Academy not only are we able to train you in the ways of physical combat of the Japanese Warriors but also your mind and spirit as well


AS such every Monday evening we have Alasdair Taisen Gordon-Finlayson deliver sessions in Zen Buddhism. Alistair is an ordained monk in the Soto Zen tradition and has been a Zen practitioner for 30 years. Alasdair has been delivering Zen in Northampton since 2011.


In October 2022, Alasdair was made a 'Dharma Holder' or 'Hoshi' by Keizan Scott Roshi. Keizan Roshi said, "I am pleased to announce that I have given the title of Hoshi (Dharma Holder) to Alasdair Taisen, an ordained monk within the Zen Buddhist tradition. This is as an acknowledgement of his many years of training and recognition that his clarity of understanding and his personal qualities of empathy and generosity of spirit qualify him to guide and support folk interested in exploring the Zen Buddhist path to awakening to our true nature."


Alasdair is also a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Northampton, with interests in social and cultural psychology and (predictably!) the psychology of religion and mindfulness & meditation. He volunteers as a Buddhist "Chaplaincy Visitor" at St Andrew's Hospital.

Why not come down to take part in a session of Zen every Monday evening at the Warrior Quest Academy?

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