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Goshinjutsu: Self Defence and Modern Combatives

With direct experience of conflict when working in security and law enforcement as well as qualifications in Conflict Resolution Management and Physical Intervention the Warrior Quest Academy offers real world self protection martial arts and combatives. We have spent years delivering self protection skills to clients such as The British Army, The Police, The NHS, Private Security Organisations and private individuals. 

The sylabus we teach is based on defences from the most common types of attack one will encounter on the street. The hook punch, the head but, the lapel grab, the knife stab. 

You will start your training in the Academy looking at the two most common attacks namely a hook punch/slap and a straight punch or grab. This will swiftly move on to looking at a lapel grab and punch, or lapel grab and stab. Once these are learnt we will move to the ground as that is where a lot of confrontations end up. We will look at how you escape from a being pinned on the ground, how to stop punches raining in on you to you taking the advantage and getting that attacker in a position where they don't want to be i.e. you now on top. 


In the Academy you will work on pads to develop power and focus in your strikes, you will work on knife disarm skills against an attacker, you will work on developing a number of escape skills from grabs that will become second nature to you, and you will take part in a number of self defence scenarios which we set up or you to experience what really happens on the street. On top of this we will teach you about the law in regard to self defence, your rights, how to de-escalate conflict using conflict management skiils.

In all our self defence package, or what we call "Goshinjutsu" is a fully rounded modern combat method that is designed to keep you safe, and if need be take the control of the situation.

It is based on a number of psychological and meta physical models that have been proven to work time and time again, not just in times of conflict but in everyday life. You will learn to through this package to never fear another human ever again. 

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