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Kobujutsu: The art of the Samurai

Kobujutsu is the art of using the weapons, or the arms the Samurai Warrior and Ashigaru (Foot Soldier) would use on the battlefield.In medieval Japan wars between the various Daimyo (Feudal Lords) went on for hundreds of years. In this feudal period of almost constant warfare, called the period of the Warring States, Samurai and other warriors fought each other for supremacy.


Our system of Kobujutsu emerged out of that period and derive from a series of schools that go by the name of Kukishinden Ryu Happo Biken. The Happo relates to the eight disciplines of the samurai when on the battlefield. These are...


1. Bojutsu:  Staff Techniques from 3 foot hanbo to the 6 foot Rokushakubo

2. Teppojutsu: Firearms 

3. Yoroi Kumi Uchi: Fighting in armour

4. Yumi: Archery

5. Nawanage: Techniques when dealing with rope

6. Sojutsu, Naginata, Bisento: Long pole arms such as spear and halberd

7. Shuriken, Throwing stars, throwing square blades, throwing knives)

8. Gunryaku Tenmon Chimon: Military Tactics and Combat Strategy


After the Happo we have the Bikenjutsu. This refers to the sword arts of the Kukishinden School. Here we teach methods of the battlefield sword (Odachi), medium sword (Katana) and side sword (Wakizashi). 

This section also includes methods of using iron truncheons (Jutte) fans (Tessen) and knives (Tanto).


Here is a video showing a couple of staff techniques
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