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Children's Classes:


Here at Warrior Quest Martial Arts we teach to both adults and children. However the focus of how we teach, and what we teach Children and adults is very different. The children follow a sylabus that is aimed at teaching methods of escape and evasion from a would be abductor, and self defence against the play ground bully. Moreover we try to instill in the children a code of ethics and moral values based on the codes of the Warrior (Bushido) whilst at the same time allowing them to developing a number of attributes and traits that will allow the child to flourish as they grow up. These traits and attributes we aim to instill in the children are...

Firstly we try to instill in the child both the Confidence and Courage to give them belief in themselves to achieve their goals in life.

Secondly Manners and Etiquette so that they behave in a way which is what one expects as a warrior and so they act as role models for others.

Thirdly as a protector to look after others and help people and society in a positive way.

Whilst instilling the child with these warrior codes they will also develop Agility, Strength, Co-ordination, Timing, Social Skills, and an understanding of Japanese culture and language. 

Kids martial arts
Karate Northampton

Adult's Classes:


Our adult classes are organised very differently to the Children's classes in that they teach a number of traditional martial arts schools (Ryu Ha) that originate from the teachings of the Samurai, Sohei (Warrior Monks) and Shinobi (Ninja). We run classes in Jujutsu, Karate, Kobojutsu and Ninjutsu (See our other pages for more information). As a student you will be taught the techniques (Waza) and Patterns (kata) of the individual systems and how to make them work in the 21st century. We call this "Goshinjutsu" which means the Japanese art of self defence.



Ninjutsu Northampton
Ninja Northampton
Ninjutsu Northampton
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