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The Warrior-Quest Academy offers training in the traditional Japanese arts of Karate and Jujutsu as taught to the samurai as well as methods of self defence. As part of your training you will also study the various weapon arts of the Samurai such as the sword (Kenjutsu), Spear (Yarijutsu) and Staff (Bojutsu). At the higher levels of training you will be taught the arts of Shinobi Jutsu, or the methods of the Ninja.

Based in the very heart of Northampton town centre we run a fully matted and equipped martial arts academy teaching classes to both children and adults. In a world where we are seeing a substantial rise in knife crime and other forms of violence, now has never been a better time to equip yourself and your child with techniques, concepts and strategies that will aid in you and your child's survival and self protection.

Karate class in progress northampton
Ninpo Taijutsu
The Warrior Quest Dojo is located on Abington Street Northampton next to Costa Coffee, directly across from the main entrance to the Gosvenor Centre in the Town Centre Offices.

Simply press the button and someone will let you in. Proceed to the top floor and we are the last office on the left.
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